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Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

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The purpose of this website is to tell our story and educate boaters and passengers in the

To educate boaters about the importance of following safe boating practices. Are Florida Waterways are unsafe.
So many people are injured or killed in boating accidents that were preventable. Studies show that boaters who take boating safety courses are  less likely to be in an accident. Education is the Key!! Also usage of safety devices such as Cut off switches, life vets, propeller guards, senors and other devices can also help save a life.
Help out our Florida Marine Patrol, Coast Guard and FWC by fighting for stronger boating laws in Florida. My ideas:
1)  One to make boating safety classes mandatory for all ages 14 and up.

2)  Request for all boaters to take out a boating license. As they have today in Alabama.

3)  Have an open container law implemented to boaters as they have when people our driving  cars. 

4) Make it mandatory for all boats to have a marine radio.  

5) Refine exciting laws to hold all on board accountable if they leave the scene of an accident or fails to
call immediately law enforcement when one has fallen or went missing.

6) Double fines for BUI drivers.
These are just a few of many changes that need to implemented. It's time for change!  We have lost a child, a brother, a sister, a father, and now a lifeguard due to negligence driving. My purpose is to save a life so no other parent has to endure the pain that my family and I have had to dealt with. Don't be another victim. Educate yourself.